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Lieyana at UITM

Hye guys. I'm in sem holiday now . weee... Today entry in English Version okay.

On 1/6 , i register as UITM student at Segamat, Johor. This campuss is known as US , standard form for Uitm Segamat. I am KYF student before. Maybe it not too fun because I'm fully my holiday (after spm) with studying elsewhere for 3 months. But actually you can prepare yourself before you go to university. It could be like me. I'm not from boarding school, but I can prepare myself on how to live at campuss when I go to KYF (Kolej Yayasan Felda) at Kelana Jaya . It totally will decrease your homesick. 

Okay . Do you want to know about US?
A few of the people said that US is not fun because it is so far away from the town. The town is also didn't have many of shopping malls. Yeah, that true, it quite not fun because we're always going the same place when we hang out. But for me, it is not really important. UITM Segamat is fully with trees. Every sides you can see 'green' in your eyes. For your information, the greenery tree will make your eyes fresh in the morning. If you've got dizzy or stress whan you studying, just look at something green like trees. Of course you can listen the birds are singing too. Outside of my window in my room, there are a few of trees. The trees have two nest. I can see the birds when I open the window. Wow, Its amazing.

Okay. Let's see the room conditions. I am staying at Mutiara at Block B. All of the rooms are for 4 students . There are 2 double decker of beds, 4 lockers, 4 study desk and 4 bookcase. 



The room is so beautiful right? Yeah . Really beautiful and comfortable. I am sorry for my broken english. keep it up. 
To be continue. ... .

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